RealMe login service Messaging Test Site

Keys and Certificates

The RealMe Login Service MTS site requires the use of the following items, provided in the MTS zip filebundle, and pre-configured prior to message exchange:

  1. A Service Provider SAML key-pair (for POST binding) is used to sign SAML v2.0 requests to the MTS IdP. The associated Service Provider signing certificate is held on the MTS SAML IdP to validate signatures. The same key-pair is used to encrypt the IdP response.

  2. An MTS IdP SAML signing certificate (from the MTS zip filebundle) is used by the Service Provider to check signatures in MTS IdP SAML v2.0 responses.

Other resources

  • The MTS IdP SAML v2.0 metadata file is also provided to use with your SP SAML v2.0 product integration with the MTS. This file also contains the MTS IdP SAML signing certificate.
  • A sample SP SAML v2.0 metadata file is also published to aid your integration with the MTS. Note that this file also contains the expected SP SAML signing certificate for the Service Provider SAML signing key-pair as described above.


You can download these resources as a zip file from here.